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About Leather Artefact

The brand Leather Artefact was set up as a project to explore the human body using traditional leather craftsmanship to create an idiosyncratic style that wouldn’t be out of place in a futuristic.


What emerged was more avant-garde than people have imagined, the label brings together strong architectural design and high-quality leather to produce luxury bondage gear with a touch of equestrian flair. With the collection encompassed everything from fashion-forward chokers and belts for first-time arterfact buyers to all-over, super creative full body harnesses for the unique outfit.


Leather Artefact providing premium hand sourced materials, design and made end to end in their London atelier. The brand sources the finest exclusive materials to ensure each piece feels as incredible as it looks using traditional saddle making methods while experimenting with progressive techniques.


Enabling customers to exude confidence in everything that they do, a bespoke, artisanal service is also offered; allowing clients to visit the showroom for personal fitting experience – and involve themselves in every aspect of the made to measure process.

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